I try to source what I can from local businesses, these are a few where I get some of the raw materials used in my products:

  • Fillmore Container - Lancaster, PA- Jars, select fragrance oils, bottles, more jars - Used for packaging and for scents.

  • Swarmbustin' Honey - West Grove, PA - Beeswax - Used in all the balms

  • Canter Hill Farm -Malvern, PA - Lard - Used in select soaps

  • Happy Fibers - Media, PA - Alpaca felt - dryer balls (Coming soon!)

  • Soap Making Resource - Lancaster, PA - select essential oils, natural colorants, cruelty free Tussah silk - Used in soaps and for scents.

  • Golden Barrel - Honeybrook, PA - select oils.

Buying Local