• How do pick-up orders work? - We now have the option to schedule pick ups! Place your order marked for pick-up  and include your preferred day and time. Your order will be marked ready/complete, email me (or I'll email you) and we'll figure out a time and place that works for us both. The north corners of Rt 252 and Baltimore Pike have been regular meeting places, either at the coffee shop on one side or the parking lot between the gas station and the bank on the other. Alternatively, you can just add a note to your order that you'll pick up at any of my scheduled events.

  • I have a high efficiency/top load/front load/new/old washer. Can I use the laundry butter in it? - YES! The laundry butter has been tested in all of the above types of washing machines. I do recommend that you put the "buttah" IN the barrel with the clothing and not into the detergent dispenser. (While you're at it, use some white vinegar in your fabric softener dispenser and skip the dryer sheet.)

  • What does "Soleseife" mean? - Soleseife is simply a soap made with brine water. The sea salt is dissolved in water before making the soap instead of being added in crystalline form the way it is with our salt soaps.

  • What's "sodium hydroxide", and why is it listed on the soap ingredients? Sodium hydroxide, or lye, is used to convert the oils and butters (fats) into soap and glycerin. There is none left in the soap bar you've purchased.

Frequently Asked Questions